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Building the Nest -  U11 Development Teams/Program

An extension of our Junior Ballhawks program, for those that would like to continue through January to April 1x  per week to continue to build their skills and enjoyment of volleyball at rudimentary level. 


Who:     Girls born 2013

Cost:     TBA

            includes team T-shirt jersey

It’s more than just about learning the basics: forearm and overhead passing, hitting, serving, basic team play;   


  • Modified games and activities are designed so volleyball is fun and more accessible to youth interested in learning the game.

    • The ball is softer, so it doesn’t hurt your arms!

    • The net is lower so that everyone experiences greater success

  • We hope our program teaches and promotes clear communication, safety, respect, leadership, and good sportsmanship skills


Depending on ability and progression, additional skills and technical aspects of the game such as offence and defensive formations are introduced.  



Please note our 2023-24 programs are full. 

U11/12 Girls - 2017/18

U11 Girls - 2016/17

U11/12 Boys - 2017/18

U11 Boys - 2015/16

U11 Girls - 2015/16

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