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The Ballhawks Volleyball Club is focused on the development of young volleyball athletes.  Our coaches and administrators are all committed volunteers whose goal is to foster an appreciation and love of the game.  Our coaching staff is dedicated to bringing out the best in all of our athletes, while emphasizing the benefits of sportsmanship and team play.


To inspire a life long love of volleyball, while instilling the life values of sportsmanship, co-operation and team play through team competition.




The Chatham Ballhawks VBC views volleyball as a median for aiding in the development of a positive self-image for each club member.  We emphasize hard work, responsibility, dedication, self-discipline, good organizational skills, excellent physical fitness and sound basic volleyball technique and tactics.  


  • To promote, foster and teach the sport of competitive volleyball and encourage training, self-development, leadership, and sportsmanship


  • To reinforce the positive ideals of what it takes to participate at the competitive level in a team sport


  • To promote volleyball as a life time activity that enhance the physical fitness of the participants


  • To encourage and teach our athletes to train and perform to the best of their ability.


  • To promote competitive volleyball for the enjoyment of each individual who participates in the program both from a training viewpoint and in competition as well.


  • To attempt to provide an equal opportunity for each member of the organization to train and compete at the highest level of competition for which he/she is capable.

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