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Ballhawks VC House League


Length:    7 Weeks 

When:      Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm starting Oct 18TH            

Where:     EbenEzer Christian School

Who:        Boys and Girls Grade 7-9

Cost:        $90

               includes 1.5hr sessions of instruction and supervised match play, "T-shirt"

One of the Chatham Ballhawks VC goals is to spread the word about the great game of volleyball to as many young athletes as possible.   We are very interested in instilling a love of volleyball in young athletes.  The Ballhawks VC will be running a Youth League for boys and girls in grades 7 - 9.  Players will participate weekly in a series of progressive drills including individual basic skills, team defence and team offence.  Players will also experience match play in a fun competitive environment where athletes can apply individual skills and more importantly learn the importance of playing as a team during the sessions.

* No Experience Is Required *

The league is organized and run like a volleyball skills clinic and run by

certified coaches of the Ballhawks club and assisted by Ballhawk rep players.

Basic skills will be taught and reinforced through drills and play situations.

The drills are progressive and challenging but also fun and the athletes

are guaranteed to enjoy the experience while at the same time they

significantly improve their skills in volleyball.   Sessions end with balanced

teams applying the skills learned through the first part of the session. 

If you are looking to try volleyball for the first time or to improve your skills in volleyball either to earn a spot on a school or club team, or just to become a better volleyball player, regardless of your level of experience, this is where you want to be.

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