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The Ballhawks remains one of the most successful clubs and oldest in Ontario due in large part to its group of dedicated, knowledgeable, volunteer coaches.  Our coaches put the hours in the gym for the love of the game and to see young athletes develop their volleyball skills.  If you're passionate about volleyball and want to give back to the next generation, we'd love to work with you!

If you are interested in joining our coaching group, please contact us at with a summary of your experience and availability.  

Chatham Ballhawks Coaches 2023-24

coach mel.jpg

Melissa Smyth

U18 Girls Head Coach

Coach Bev Warriner.jpg

Bev Warriner

U13 Girls Head Coach

Club Vice President

coach brian c feb 2017.JPG

Brian Cobb

U14 Girls Head Coach

House League Director

Club Director

Coach Amanda L2.jpeg

Amanda Leidl

U13 Girls Coach

Club Vice President

Clancy O'Hara

U14 Girls Head Coach

Club President

Coach Jeff 2024.jpg

Jeff Hoskins

U17 Girls Head Coach

Coach Tim L2.jpeg

Tim Leidl

U13 Girls Head Coach

Juniors Coach

Coach Madie Green.jpg

Madie Oakey

U15 Girls Head Coach

15g ballhawks bronze 11-27-2022 (2).jpg

Rachel Franssen

U16 Girls Head Coach

15g-white 5-2-2020.jpeg

Craig Oakey

U18 Boys Head Coach

Coach Riley.jpeg

Riley Vandenborn

U14 Girls Coach

Coach Susan 2024.jpg

Susan Dieleman

U17 Girls Coach

Coach Marcia.jpg

Marcia Pelcz

U13 Girls Head Coach

Chris Anjema.jpg

Chris Anjema

U16 Boys Coach

Coach Penny.jpg

Penny Provost

U15 Girls Head Coach

Coach Tammy Teeuwen 1.jpg

Tammy Teeuwen

U15 Girls Coach

Coach Ben 2024.jpg

Ben Ostropolec

U16 Boys Head Coach

U14 Boys Coach

Ballhawks - Abby Rachel Erica - apr 2022.jpg

Abby Sluys

U18 Girls Coach

Coach Tom 2023.jpg

Tom Wright

U14 Boys Head Coach

coach Todd H.jpg

Todd Hamaguchi

U17 Girls Coach

Coach Keri 2023.jpg

Keri Parker

U16 Girls Coach

Coach Nicole 2024.jpeg
Coach Nick.jpg

Nicole Chiesa

U15 Girls Coach

Nick Ladd

U15 Boys Head Coach

Coach Laura D.jpg

Laura DeBruyn

U15 Boys Coach

Dave Ostropolec

U16 Boys Coach

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